Getting started with the Swift SDK

Get started with the Knock Swift SDK to build in-app notification experiences.

The Knock Swift SDK is a client-side SDK for interacting with the Knock API and for building in-app notification experiences across iOS, macOS, and watchOS. In this guide, we'll show some of the main ways you can interact with the SDK.

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Getting started

To use this example, you'll need an account on Knock, as well as an in-app feed channel with a workflow that produces in-app feed messages. You'll also need:

  • A public API key for the Knock environment (which you'll use in the publishableKey)
  • The channel ID for the in-app feed (which you'll use in feedId)


You can install the Swift SDK in a few different ways:

  • Swift Package Manager (SPM)
  • Cartage
  • Cocoapods

Installing via Swift Package Manager

You can add the package by pointing to the Github repo:

Installing via Carthage

Add github "knocklabs/knock-swift" ~> 0.1.0 to your Cartfile.

Follow the steps listed in the README here.

Installing via Cocoapods

Add the dependency to your Podfile:

Using the SDK

You must authenticate the SDK using your publishable key (prefixed by pk_) and the user ID to make requests against.