Customizing the feed

While we provide a pre-built set of React components, you may wish to use your own styles to better match your product's design system. In this guide we'll show you how to customize Knock components.

Note: our feed components are currently only available for React.js. Read about bringing your own UI or contact us if you want to discuss how to build components for other platforms.

Adding an onclick handler to the notification cell

You can customize the click handler for the notification cell as follows:

Both the NotificationFeed and the NotificationFeedPopover take a onNotificationClick prop.

Rendering a different notification cell in the feed

You can customize the rendering of a notification cell in the feed by overriding the renderItem prop.

Overriding the avatar

You can customize the Avatar component rendered within the NotificationCell by passing a different avatar component into the NotificationCell in the renderItem function passed to the feed:

Using dark mode

The feed supports an optional colorMode prop, that defaults to light but can be set as dark for dark mode support:

Customizing the theme

The complete theme that controls the look and feel of the feed components can be customized for theme in a few different ways:

  1. Customizing the CSS variables. The feed is written using CSS variables, which you can override to better match the look and feel of your product. The best way to see the possible CSS variables in use is to look at the theme.css source code.

  2. Bringing your own CSS. It's possible to override the Knock CSS entirely to customize the look and feel of the feed. All of the feed classes are unique and start with rnf-. You can see the classes in use by looking at the source code of the components.