Getting started

This guide will show you how to get up-and-running with our in-app feed in your application.

Integrating the feed

This guide assumes you have already setup your client application with authentication against the Knock API. Please read that guide first if you haven't already.

1. Add the in-app feed as a channel

Within the Knock dashboard you will need to enable the in-app notification feed as a channel. Once created, make note of the id for the channel as you'll need to set this (as the feedId).

In your client application it's best to set the feed id as an environment variable to be used later.

2. Set up your workflows

In the Knock dashboard you will need to ensure that at least one workflow is routing to your in-app feed channel in order to continue with this guide. We typically suggest that the in-app channel is the first channel that your messages should be sent to, so go ahead and add that on one of your workflows.

Once you're done, save your workflow and we can start testing. 💪

3. Integrating the in-app feed

The next step is to integrate the in-app feed into your product. In this guide we're going to be using our React-based library to do that.

4. Adding the components

Add the components to your application, ideally wherever you render your header in your layout file.

Next steps

Once you have your feed up and running you might wish to read about some other topics before pushing it to production: