Customer data obfuscation

Learn more about how to protect your customer's production data in the Knock dashboard.

Enable customer data obfuscation on a per-environment basis to determine what data your team members can see in the Knock dashboard.


When you choose Knock to power your notifications, you're also choosing to trust us with your customer data and the data you pass in your notifications. This is why security is a foundational priority for us at Knock, and it's also why we built our customer data obfuscation controls.

With customer data obfuscation controls, the Knock dashboard automatically hides any data that might contain either user PII or customer proprietary data. This means that the only data your team members will see in the Knock dashboard is anonymous data such as UUIDs. Customer data obfuscation is managed via our backend, so users won't be able to get at this data through their browser consoles.

Customer data obfuscation is enabled on a per-environment basis. This means you can obfuscate your customer data in your production environment, while still retaining access to your internal data in development environments for easy testing and debugging.

A preview of customer data obfuscation enabled

To enable customer data obfuscation, go to Settings > Environments in the Knock dashboard. Select the "..." for the environment you'd like to configure and click "Edit environment."