Debugging workflows

Learn more about how to work with Knock's workflow debugger and API logs to easily debug your notification workflows.

Sometimes you'll encounter issues with a workflow run that require more visibility into the Knock engine. Knock comes pre-built with a powerful workflow debugger that you can use to understand the state of individual workflow runs.

Using the workflow debugger, you can answer questions such as:

  • What messages did this workflow run generate?
  • Why did this step not produce any messages?
  • Did this recipient have preferences set that opted them out from receiving a notification?
  • What prevented this step from executing?

You can see a video of our workflow debugger in action here:

Accessing the workflow debugger

You can access the workflow debugger from our "Logs" page, which you'll find in the left hand environment sidebar in the dashboard. From there:

  1. Find an API log that triggered a workflow run (hint: you can use the filters to find only workflow API requests)
  2. In the right hand panel, click the "Workflow runs" tab
  3. Select a workflow run for any recipient to view the debugger

Note: you can also use the debugger to look at test runs as well.