Delivering notifications

You can use Knock to power both in-app and out-of-app notifications.

In-app notification support

The Knock Feed API gives developers a way to deliver in-app notifications to feeds, inboxes, and other notification-based experiences.

There are a few ways to power in-app notifications in your product using Knock:

  • Use our React notification feed component. The Knock notification feed component provides real-time updates, pagination, badge behavior, filtering, and more. It's a great way to quickly add an in-app feed to your product if you use React.
  • Leverage our client-side JS SDK. This is a good approach if you need to use a component library outside of React JS but are still in the JS ecosystem.
  • Integrate with our API directly. If you're not working within the JS ecosystem in your client, you can integrate directly with the Knock Feed API to power your in-app notifications.

Out-of-app channel support

We support notification delivery to the following out-of-app channel types: email, push, SMS, and 3rd-party chat apps (such as Slack.) You can see a list of which providers we support within each channel type in the "Channels" page of the Knock dashboard.

With Knock, you can integrate a provider once, and then use it across all of your Knock workflows. If you ever need to switch providers on a given channel, it's as simple as configuring the new provider within the Knock dashboard and updating your workflows to use the new provider.

If you use a provider that we don't currently support, please get in touch.