Merging users

Learn more about merging user data.

You might run into the scenario where you've identified an invited user to send them a notification and then that user "graduates" to a fully-fledged user after they sign up, leaving you with two users in Knock. That's where the merge users method comes in handy.

Merging two users will merge the secondary user (the invited user in our example) into the primary user (the signed-up user), and the secondary user will be deleted in the process.

Note: performing a merge is a destructive operation and cannot be undone.

What's merged?

  • Properties: Properties are deep merged, but if there are any conflicts between the secondary and primary user then the value is selected from the primary user.
  • Preferences: Preference sets are shallow merged between the users. Any preference sets that don't exist on the primary from the secondary are added.
  • Channel data: Channel data is shallow merged from the secondary to the primary. Any channel data that doesn't exist on the primary from the secondary is added, determined by the channel_id.
  • Message history: The past 30 days of message history of the secondary user will now be owned by the primary recipient.
  • Activities: Any activities from the past 30 days that the secondary user was an actor or recipient of will be transferred to the primary user.

If you need to retain more than 30 days worth of history, please contact us.