Managing account members

Learn how to invite, manage, and remove members on your Knock account.


Note: only account owners and admins can view, manage, and invite new members to your account.

You can manage the members of your account under your Knock account settings:<slug>/settings/team where the slug is your account identifier (e.g. foo-corp).

Managing account members in the dashboard

Inviting members to your account

New members can be invited to your account by selecting the "New member" button on the members page.

Members are always invited by their email address and must be assigned a role. Optionally a message can be supplied that will appear in the invitation email they are sent.

The member will be sent a reminder email if the invite is not accepted within 3 days. Account invites are valid for 2 weeks and after which time will expire.

A Knock invite email

An example invitation email inviting a user to a Knock account

Manage invited members

Once a user has been invited to your Knock account you will see their invitation as a "pending invite" until they accept to join the account. Pending invitations for users can be revoked which will mark the invite as invalid and expire it immediately.

Once you revoke an invitation for a user, you can reinvite them if needed which will generate a new invite for your account.

Managing members on your account

Note: a user cannot change their own role or remove themself from a Knock account

Updating a members role

A members role can be changed from the three dot menu and selecting the "Change role" option. You can pick from one of the available account roles and the role change will immediately take effect.

Note: the last owner on an account cannot have their role changed

Removing members from your account

Members can be removed from an account from the three dot menu. Removing a member will revoke their access to Knock and immediately invalidate any session associated with the user. Additionally, the member will also be sent an email letting them know that they have been removed from the account.

Note: the last owner on an account cannot be removed