How to configure SAML SSO on your account.
Enterprise plan feature. SAML SSO is only available on our Enterprise plan.

SSO configuration

First, navigate to the General tab under your account settings. You'll need to be an account owner to access the Security section.

Click on the "Connect SSO provider" button to get redirected to the SAML SSO configuration wizard, on which you will be able to pick your identity provider and configure it.

SAML SSO configuration wizard

SAML SSO configuration wizard

After completing the steps of the configuration walkthrough, SAML will be successfully configured for your account. This will allow users with emails under your domain to be able to log in successfully through the provider you have configured.

Domains. Self-service SAML SSO configuration will allow users to authenticate using emails under the same domain as your own. If your setup requires support for more than one domain, contact support.

SSO authentication

Once SAML SSO is configured on your account, all members will be required to log in using the provider you configured. When visiting the login screen, users must use the email field to start the authentication flow. Users will not be allowed to authenticate using other authentication methods while SAML SSO is enabled on your account.