Deleting users

Learn more about how user deletions work within Knock and how deletion can help with data privacy controls.

Knock provides a programmatic user deletion API that you can use to hard delete users and the data associated with users. This can be especially useful in fulfilling GDPR right-to-be-forgotten requests.

Note: deleting users is a destructive operation and once deleted, the data for that user cannot be recovered.

What data is deleted for a user?

When a user is deleted in Knock, we will hard delete:

  • All system and custom properties set on the user
  • All preferences associated with the user
  • All channel data associated with the user
  • All subscriptions associated with the user
  • All schedules associated with the user
  • All messages sent to that user, including the content of those messages and any debugging events associated
  • All activity associated with a user, including the workflow run logs the user was a recipient of

Note: deletion requests can take up to 10 minutes to process. During this time, you may still see some data associated with the user.

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