Chat notifications with Knock

We make it effortless to send notifications to chat providers like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Discord. Meet your users in the tools they use daily.


  • Markdown template builder: use our markdown editor to create templates for each platform and let us take care of sending the platform-specific markup.
  • Use JSON to build interactive messages: if you need to, it's easy to go to a fully customizable JSON template to power your chat notifications.
  • Cross-provider, single template: you can send the same chat templated message across all chat providers to reduce the amount of templates to maintain.
  • Link tracking: capture link-click events right within your Knock account. For more details, see the Knock link tracking guide.

Supported providers

Knock currently has support for the following chat providers:

If you want us to add a new provider to this list, please let us know through the feedback button at the top of this page.