How to send SMS messages with Plivo

Knock integrates with Plivo to send SMS notifications to your recipients.


  • Delivery tracking
  • Per environment configuration
  • Sandbox mode

Getting started

You'll need to take the following steps in Plivo before you can configure your channel within Knock.

1.Create a Plivo account

Sign up for a Plivo account in case you haven't already. After doing this you will gain access to your dashboard where you can find your Auth ID and Auth Token

2. Verify a phone number

You can add a sandbox number for testing or you can buy a plivo phone number to use as the from field on your Knock channel

Configuring Plivo in Knock

Now that you have your verified phone number, Auth ID and Auth Token, you're ready to configure your Plivo channel within Knock.

You can create a new Plivo channel in the dashboard under the "Channels" section. From there, you'll need to configure the channel for each environment you have.

Provider configuration

Authentication IDstring*The authentication ID from Plivo
Authentication tokenstring*The authentication token from Plivo.
From phone numberstring*The phone number to send messages from.
Short codestring*The short code to send messages from.
Sender IDstring*The Sender ID to send messages from.

Recipient data requirements

In order to send an SMS notification you'll need a valid phone_number property set on your recipient.