Data warehouse sync

You can bring your notification analytics from Knock into your own data warehouse so that you can analyze it alongside the rest of your data. This is an enterprise-only feature. To set up this sync, please contact our support team.

How it works

Knock leverages Prequel to integrate with your data warehouse. There is no self-service UI to connect your account to start receiving data; instead when you contact us to set up a sync we'll send you a secure link to fill in the information about your data warehouse. Once it's connected, you'll begin receiving a backfill of historical data, and then going forward you will receive the most up to date data on an ongoing basis.


First, you'll have to give Knock your database type and host destination address for your data warehouse. The databases supported as destinations for Knock are those listed on Prequel.

Next, Knock generates a magic link you'll fill out. See what information you'll need for your particular database here.

Once the information is filled out, Prequel will provide you with a table definition. Additionally, you can run a test connection to make sure it's wired up. If it's successful, you can save it and it will proceed with the backfill transfer.

Available data

Our data warehouse connector syncs data from our messages table. Each message represents a notification that was executed for a single recipient. You can read more about messages as a concept here.

Below is a description of the columns included in the table and the data type of each. To see how this data type will map onto the data types of your destination table, check the destination type mapping in the Prequel docs.