Connecting Knock to your New Relic account

You can use the Knock + New Relic integration to stream workflow, channel, and message metrics from your Knock account to your New Relic account. With this you can:

  • Set up custom New Relic monitors and dashboards to track your Knock workflows & channels
  • Get up-to-the-minute data on workflows triggered and messages delivered
  • Monitor events ingested and actions triggered from event platforms like Segment and Rudderstack

What this integration does

This integration will stream metrics from your Knock account to your New Relic account. Metrics are prefixed knock.* and include success and failure codes. Metrics are tagged (where applicable) by:

  • Environment
  • Workflow key
  • Workflow exec mode
  • Channel or workflow step type
  • Integration source type
  • Error reason

Please refer to your New Relic pricing agreement for information on how custom metrics sent to New Relic are priced for your account.

At this time there is no way to selectively enable specific metrics, but metrics will only be emitted to New Relic for features that you are actively using in Knock.

Installing the integration

  1. Visit the integrations page in your Knock dashboard, and click the "Extensions" tab
  2. Click "Configure New Relic"
  3. Enter a New Relic API Key from New Relic's API Keys page (we recommend creating a dedicated key just for Knock)
  4. Pick the correct site for your New Relic data hosting (visit New Relic's docs for more information)
  5. Click "Connect"
When creating a New Relic API key, make sure "Key Type" is marked as Ingest - License

Dashboard starter kit

Get started with our New Relic dashboard starter kit to start monitoring Knock metrics with just a few clicks:

  1. Visit New Relic's all capabilities page and click on "Dashboards"
  2. In the top-right corner, click "Import dashboard"
  3. Click the button below to copy the dashboard JSON, and paste it into the New Relic page when prompted.

The Knock New Relic Dashboard in action

Reported metrics

knock.message_delivered.totalcountHow many messages have been delivered, segmented by `channel` and `workflow` key.
knock.message_delivered_retryable_error.totalcountHow many deliveries ended in a retryable failure, segmented by `channel` and `workflow` key.
knock.message_delivered_error.totalcountHow many deliveries ended in failure (not retryable), segmented by `channel` and `workflow` key.
knock.workflow_recipient_run.totalcountHow many workflow recipient runs have been started, segmented by `workflow` key and `exec_mode`.
knock.workflow_recipient_run_error.totalcountHow many errors were experienced during a workflow recipient run, segmented by `workflow` key, `exec_mode`, `step_type`, and the error `reason`. A workflow recipient run can report more than one error.
knock.integration_event_received.totalcountHhe raw number of events received by Knock from an [integration source](, segmented by `source_type`.
knock.integration_action_run.totalcountHow many actions were triggered by received events, segmented by `source_type` and `action`.
knock.integration_action_run_error.totalcountHow many actions failed to run, segmented by `source_type` and `action`.
  • All metrics are segmented by environment name (e.g. production, development)
  • For each of the error cases, the Knock dashboard can provide more insights into specific failures (e.g. misconfigured workflow, channel, or integration action)

Uninstalling the integration

  1. Visit the integrations page in your Knock dashboard, and click the "Extensions" tab
  2. Click the "Disconnect" button for the New Relic extension, and then click "Confirm"
  3. If you created a dedicated New Relic API key for Knock, you can now delete the key from New Relics's API Keys page