Slack notifications with Knock

In this guide you'll learn how to use Knock to send notifications to Slack. There are two ways to do this:

  1. SlackKit: Follow this guide to use the Knock-managed approach to integrating Slack. Using this method, Knock handles authorization and API calls to Slack on your users' behalf and provides pre-built components and hooks for you to quickly build out the UI of your Slack integration.
  2. DIY Slack OAuth: If you want to connect Slack yourself either via incoming webhooks or access tokens, this guide will show you how to implement this for yourself. You'll have to build out the UI yourself when using this method.

We'll also cover:

  • The Knock-Slack model. An overview of how you'll build your Knock-Slack integration and the key concepts involved.
  • Building a Slack app. How to build a Slack app you'll use for SlackKit or your own DIY approach.
  • Designing Slack templates. How to design your Slack notification templates in Knock using our markdown or JSON block editors.
  • Powering Slack interactivity. How to build interactive Slack messages using Knock.
  • Example use cases. Step-by-step walkthroughs of a number of example Slack use cases, from notifying a user via DM to notifying a channel in your own Slack workspace.
See an example. You can check out our tutorial app for setting up Knock with SlackKit.