Powering Slack interactivity with Knock

In this guide we'll provide an overview of how to power interactive Slack notifications using Knock.

We'll cover:

  • designing interactive templates
  • handling interaction payloads from Slack

If you're brand new to building Slack interactive notifications, this Slack guide on building actionable notifications is a great place to learn the basics.

Designing interactive Slack notification templates

To build an interactive Slack message, whether it contains a button, a dropdown, or some other input, you'll be using Slack's block kit UI framework. We cover how to build block-based Slack notifications within Knock in our guide on designing Slack templates.

Handling interaction payloads from Slack

When a button in your interactive Slack notification is clicked, Slack will send an interaction payload to your app. To handle these interaction payloads you'll need to configure your Slack app with a Request URL. You can do this on the app config page of your Slack app. Go to the Interactivity & Shortcuts page of your Slack app and add your Request URL.

Knock roadmap alert. We're in development on handling interaction payloads for you, so you can handle the interaction responses from right within the Knock workflow builder.

If you're interested in trying this functionality, please shoot us a note at support@knock.app or use the feedback button at the top of this page.